So you’ve planned your dream trip to see the mighty Liverpool Football Club at Anfield, you’ve secured the best accommodation in Liverpool and you’ve managed to get tickets to see the team in action. You’re going to love our vibrant city and fingers crossed the match will go in our favour! How do you get the most of your match day? Read our guide to find out what we recommend to enjoy your day from start to finish


As anyone who has stayed in a dodgy Airbnb can tell you, your accommodation can often make or break your trip. Make sure to stay away from overpriced Liverpool Hotels and stay in a serviced apartment this match day. PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Liverpool offer more space, better value and much more space than a traditional Liverpool Hotel.

Start off strong:

Make sure you start your day with a decent breakfast. Chances are you’ll be on your feet for most of the day and you may start drinking earlier than usual so lining on your stomach will set you up for the day. There are so many delicious and great value places to eat within a 5-minute walk of your serviced apartments in Liverpool or you could plan in advance and whip up a full English in your own fully-equipped kitchen.

Buy tickets in advance:

We can’t think of anything worse than arriving to the stadium without tickets, only to be turned away at the ticket desk and missing Liverpool football club in all their glory. Don’t pay over the odds for a ticket from a tout, plan well in advance and buy your tickets from an official source online. 

Plan how to get there:

While your accommodation in Liverpool may be handy for exploring the city, it might not be close to Anfield. It’s a good idea to plan how you will travel to and from the stadium in advance. Will you walk, get public transport or drive? What time does the bus stop running? Where will you park? A little planning goes a long way!

Dress appropriately:

This doesn’t just apply to rain; you should prepare for all types of weather at an outdoor match. Check the forecast and pack appropriately. You don’t want to be frozen solid by the end because you forgot to bring an extra layer. Or worse, you might get sunburnt and leave the same colour as the iconic Liverpool jersey!

Arrive early:

Anfield is more than a football stadium, it’s a place with a unique history and its own distinct character and personality. Don’t arrive a few minutes before the match arrives and go straight to your seat, take the opportunity to explore the grounds and get a real feel for the place. Arriving early also means you are witness to the building anticipation and excitement that builds for hours before a game. And don’t forget to visit the bathroom before the match begins, you don’t want to miss a minute…

During the match:

Don’t just be a spectator, get involved! As a Liverpool supporter, you are the 12th man and are considered part of the team! Soak up the electric atmosphere, sing, shout, support and encourage your team at all times. Chat to other supporters around you and stay until the very end, even if it means an extra 10-minutes queueing to leave.

After the Match:

Be patient when leaving, everyone is going the same way and with a seating capacity of 54,074, it may take a while. Take your time, don’t rush or push and never leave a man behind! Make sure to check out the local pubs and eateries after the match to put some money back into the community. Pop into Homebaked, a community land trust and co-operative bakery which runs as a charity to raise money to rebuild homes for local people.

For your perfect accommodation in Liverpool in a great location to reach Anfield and explore the city PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Liverpool are your perfect spot. Make sure to book directly on our official website for exclusive access to the best value rates and special offers.

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