Outside in the snow at Liverpool PREMIER SUITES

If you’ve ever been to Liverpool you’ll know how vibrant and exciting the city can be. If you haven’t, Christmas is a fantastic time to visit! The already bustling streets light up with shoppers, carolers and thousands of twinkling lights. Here are some of the highlights of the Christmas season in Liverpool.

Christmas Market

2018 sees the return of the fabulous

Well, Well, Well,
We here at PREMIER SUITES Liverpool look after our valued guests so WELL that we have just launched our new Wellbeing initiative

For our guests staying away from home for any length of time, we understand how difficult it can be to follow any kind of routine, but fear not – we have just made it easy for you to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling.

No time to get to the gym? No problem. Check out our training plan developed by Personal Trainer ...

PREMIER SUITES Liverpool pet friendly apartments

Are you planning a trip to Liverpool for 30 days or more? Maybe you are relocating and need a place to stay for a couple of months? If you have to stay away from home for a long time, you will certainly miss your home comforts but most of all you’ll miss your pet! Luckily PREMIER SUITES offer a ‘bring your pet’ service for our long-term residents. The Alternatives You could ask a neighbour to drop in and feed your cat or dog a couple of times a day but we wouldn’t like to be lef...

PREMIER SUITES Liverpool Beatles statues

Liverpool is a special kind of different. You just have to walk our colourful streets and hear some of our friendly locals ask ‘Ello love, you alright?’ to feel completely at home. What makes us so special you ask? Read below for a tiny taste of Liverpool’s wonderful local culture: Local History Let’s start at the very beginning, back to Liverpool’s roots. The absolutely stunning Liverpool Town Hall is one of Liv...

PREMIER SUITES Glasgow Bath Street dining room

Now, we all know Liverpool is the friendliest city in the world and you are guaranteed a warm welcome (and a laugh along the way), but we can’t hog all the limelight. Where else in the UK might you find something similar? Our sister in sunny Glasgow, of course. The love and demand for our PREMIER SUITES Plus Glasgow George Square meant that, due to popularity, we just had to open a second property. Introduci...